I am a father and husband who is passionate about code, complexity, design, dichotomy busting, cuisine, travel, and striving for balance across the board in my life. I love conceptual thinking and am always working to expand my worldview through the acquisition of knowledge. With this site, I hope to document what I learn and share what I know.


My background is rooted in theology, philosophy, and continental thought. This formed the basis for my academic exploration. My BA was in both French and comparative literature at UCLA. In the US, the ‘comp lit’ field is dominated by literary criticism and the search for universal truths and archetypes in global literature, which is not always apparent from the field’s name. Additionally, I took a fair amount of philosophy courses (my major originally), German language, literature, art, and philosophy courses with a bit of Scandinavian literature and film courses and a couple courses on dead languages here and there (Old Norse was particularly interesting to study).

My Master’s degree is in Information Science (MSIS). Furthermore, I also completed both the Information Systems program of study; a narrower focus within the MSIS degree as well as a Graduate Academic Certificate (GAC) in Digital Content Management. The MSIS is designed for information work in many different fields from information brokerage, database analytics, chief information officer, user experience designer, information architect, knowledge manager, system librarian, and many more. The information systems track taught me how to support my organization to gain strategic and tactical competitive advantages, which we can call knowledge management or business intelligence. It supports more technical knowledge and builds more technical skills than the other tracks within the MSIS. Last, the GAC in Digital Content Management provided me with a theoretical foundation and conceptual toolkit to help me manage digital content, build applications, and develop services that respond to institutional and individual user needs.

I’ve been lucky enough to do a fair amount of traveling; a few months in Japan at 19, a year in Paris at 23/24, summer in Germany and Scandinavia at 24, and some quick trips to different places while spending quality time in these locations. These experiences have shaped who I am as an individual, before I hit on a girl sitting across from me on the Metro, eventually marrying her (best impulsive move ever).

I hope to contribute posts on my site that interact with my interdisciplinary interests with special focus on the semantic relationships between objects and concepts. I’m not always as interested in the epistemological aspect of things as I might appear–really I think I enjoy metaphysical speculation (otherwise, why would I have become interested in philosophy at all?). I believe that everything is connected, and the 21st century will be about discovering these connections—hopefully I can be a part of this.